Most people think if they want success in the market must use a trading strategy. But it is not correct. Your success depends on mindset and your thinking about successfully in the market. You must be relaxing on the market and be sure that you change your trading into profit
Forex website try to sell you indicator forecast and other services
They tell you that many people lose in forex. But we have something that you can use them and profit. They pray that their product is very good until you buy them
Do you hear that many people lose their money in forex? Is it true? Yes. But a question? Why do the people lose?
Because they come to market and start to trading by dreamy goals
For example, they open an account with 1000 $ and they want to change it 5000$ in a few they pressure on them and trade emotionally
On the first trading, for example, they lose 50$ .it is uncomfortable they act emotional and want to return they lose then trade again and lose again and this flow continues until your account change into a little and it is very bad and you are very uneasy
Before you start to trade in forex you think that you risk on the money that earns hardly. If you want to trade the first role is that you will succeed in the market and change your mindset to succeed in the market
You must understand that you should have discipline. You enter to a long-term probably market. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose
But you should have a system that you can rely on it when you want to trade emotional
You need to know your system and master it and have not any doubts about your trading
You should see the market carefully and when the market match with your strategy you trade and profit

Money management

Money management in forex means trader use the same money in every trade
For example, your account is 5000$. on the first trade you trade with 0.1 lot and profit 100pip that become 100 $ on the second trade you use 0.1lot again and you profit 50$that become 50 $ but in the third trade you use 0.5 lot and you lose 50 pip that becomes 250$ and it means only in one trade you lose the profit of previous deals but if you trade with 0.1 lot you lose only 50$ and it is the mean of money management that you use the same lot in every trade


It is necessary that you act very organized you must have a method of trading
You should see as a busyness to market and calm to facing to market
I say again:
From mindset phase, your own beliefs and try to profit in the market
When you enter the market practice money management and don’t emotional

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