Forex Time Cycle Strategy

Forex Time Cycle Strategy

When we want analyse the Forex Chart we have 2 parameters on chart

The first one is the Price

And the Second one is Time

The most Forex technical indicators programmed for the price analysis not the time.
Anyhow we can change the time frames to view them in different times but in all of them the program work according to the price analyse not the time

Here I want show you how to use Forex Time Cycle strategy to analyse the market better than before without any Forex indicators.

Time Cycle Raito

When the market start a trend you can see that we have start time and the end time for the trend well what does it mean?
It means that after specify time the trend stopped and now you don’t know the trend will continue or not! To understand it there is a simple method you can wait until time cycle completed.

To understand better please look at the below charts:

Forex Time Cycle Strategy

As you can see after the end of trend on EURUSD the market did not go up when the time cycle completed

It means that the bearish trend on EURUSD was strong enough and the buyer was not success full to change the trend after with the same period of times.

Well when you know this you can predict that the market will go down again !

Now look at the next chat:

Forex Time Cycle Strategy
Forex Time Cycle Strategy

As you can see the market go down after the time cycle this is a good method and simple method to understand the Forex market trend power.

Do we have real trend or this is just market cheat movement?!

In the next picture you can see another example:

Forex Time Strategy
Forex Time Strategy

Advance time analysis with cycle lines and Fibonacci time lines:

To trade better in Forex market we should understand the Forex market behavior and specially the symbols behavior

For example EURUSD behavior is different from GBPUSD or GBPJPY or USDJPY and etc. Because EUR market is different than US market and etc.

Time cycle analysis can help you to improve your idea about the correct market trend you can understand when it’s probable that the market trend change.

Time is one of the important factor in the Forex Charts we know that when the Forex charts will go up it means that we had more buy than sell and when the chart will go down we had more sell than buy well it’s very important that we know how much time passed for that movement

The important question in all Forex chart movement is :

1- It was real movement or cheat?

Cheat movement means short time movement in other hand some time market go back to start again and we think that the market want come back and the trend changed.

A Fibonacci time zone line is good tool to analyse the Forex Cycles.

Please look at the below pictures:

Forex Time Strategy
Forex Time Strategy

As you can see we had bearish trend on EURUSD when the trend finished market did not come backed so the next cycle market will give you sell signal but the market stopped !

I draw the Fibonacci time line from the start trend time to the end trend time and the other lines drawn automatically. When the second time cycle passed we should think about the new market trend with the Fibonacci time zone we can wait till the third and fourth time cycle.

Check below picture please:

Forex Time Strategy
Forex Time Strategy

As you can see the market show you weak up trend and so we are entered in the new time zone area well now we should think about buy signals only

Look at below:

Forex Time Strategy
Forex Time Strategy
Forex Time Strategy
Forex Time Strategy

As you can see in 2 previous pictures market goes up and we can predict that the trend will be bullish till 2015.10.17

In other hand we are in buy area on EURUSD till 2015.10.17

The best strategy in this area is look at reversal movement to enter a buy positions.

I wish you understand how to use time cycle lines to predict the market trend

Have a good Forex Trades


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